Sports Performance Training that
Makes an Impact and Creates Results.

The competitive drive lives in every athlete to push them to new limits. But what most athletes don’t have is the proper training to set them apart and ahead of the game. Impact’s Sports Performance Training Programs offer you speed and strength training that gives you an advantage while also keeping you conditioned and healthy.

Stand out in the crowd so you can make it to the next level.

We design a sport-specific training plan for each athlete to help them on and off the field. Gain the tools to improve your performance for try-outs (may that be high school or college), regular season, and post-season competition. We specialize in training for soccer, basketball, football, softball, baseball, volleyball and track but have the confidence to develop a plan to help any given athlete.

Discover Performance Excellence

Schedule a
Strategy Session

We’ll gather your health and training history, perform a body composition analysis, conduct a movement analysis and listen to your goals.

Receive an
Individualized Program

Based on the information we gather during the consultation we’ll provide you with an individualized training plan to maximize the athlete’s results.

Optimize Performance
and Meet Goals.

We will help you execute your sports performance plan, give you nutrition tips, and keep you on track, so you can meet your specific goals.

High School Performance

The High School Performance package is designed for athletes in 9 th – 12 th grade, who are trying to make it to the next level. With our small group setting, 2-6 athletes, we’re able to provide each athlete a sport-specific training plan. Focused on safety, and injury prevention in and outside of our facility—we want our athletes to be able to perform at the highest level, injury-free.

Students may come in on their “off days” for additional regeneration and rehabilitation work depending on your personal situation.

“As a high school athlete, Impact helps me improve my body by making me stronger and more fit. True to their reputation, Impact is a positive place to help you be your best. Impact is different because the trainers make sure everyone is using proper lifting form – this is really great for a student athlete like myself because I know I’ll stay strong when volleyball or softball rolls around. I’ve also become faster and quicker and grown my confidence.”

Chloe Stever

Middle School Performance

The Middle School Performance program is offered for youth athletes that want a head start. We work with 6 th -8 th graders to teach them proper exercise techniques, and work on speed, strength and agility so they develop good movements patterns at an early age. In the small group training sessions (2-6 athletes) we’ll teach them basic skills to help with injury prevention and preparation for their chosen sport(s).

“Impact Fitness is more than just lifting. I decided to try Impact when I needed to gain weight and improve my performance on the baseball field. Showing me all the do’s and don’t’s I love the encouragement and learning that goes on when you work with Brady. I’m now playing ball at the Division One level and have a head start on all the other freshman in the weight room – familiar with all the movements from the start.”

Cam Baumann, Pitcher for Iowa Hawkeyes

3 rd – 5 th – Strength and Speed FUNdamentals

This is our beginner training program start them with good habits while their young. This program is designed to teach 3 rd -5 th graders the basics of training and performance. We focus on technique as their muscles begin to develop, so proper form turns into a habit. We teach them about speed and agility and how it will improve their future athletic performance. Our average class size is 6 kids, so we can maintain a fun and educational environment.

This class is not currently offered.

“Impact offers a fun, hard-working culture for athletes to get stronger mentally and physically. With a unique workout designed just for me, I’ve grown stronger and developed the qualities of leader at school or in sports. I’ve also developed new relationships with other athletes that have added to my experience.”

Carson Crile

Rates and Registration

The cost of training depends on the anticipated training frequency. We request the payment in advance of that month’s membership. Your month membership can start at any time of the month. Please note, we will have memberships placed on an automatic renewal unless requested otherwise.