Sticking with a goal consistently is what sees results. You don’t see results by going to the gym once, but every day for about 3 months. You don’t automatically get clean teeth by going to the dentist, but from brushing your teeth everyday. Your wife doesn’t love you because you told her happy birthday, but because you told her good morning consistently and encouraged her every day. It’s doing the little things on a consistent basis that generate results. I find this to be the same with parenting, coaching, and/or leadership; It’s the daily practice of the monotonous tasks that matter the most. No event or thing will automatically say that your family will love you or that the people you lead will trust you. Instead, it’s the accumulation of lots of little things that themselves seem useless. But if you do the little things that matter consistently, like saying good morning to someone and actually caring about the answer when you ask how they are doing.
Putting effort consistently into your job or family is what creates passion. The more you do something productively, the greater understanding there is on how to do it more efficiently. It is not what you do or how you do something that matters the most but the “why” that will drive sustainability, consistency, and fulfillment. Knowing the why drives character and creates a long-term passion that allows you to stand against hardships and challenges. Standing up against these challenges is what makes satisfaction through meaningful lessons. Knowing the “why” is what ultimately drives what you do and how you do it.